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Cardiovascular research commenced at Joondalup, Western Australia in 1999 with the formation of the Cardiovascular Clinical Trials Unit. Professor Peter Thompson, Head of Department Cardiology and Catherine May established a unit which enabled Cardiology inpatients to have access to clinical research opportunities previously unavailable to the northern suburbs.

The impetus to further develop research conduct strengthened when Dr Peter Purnell became a Co-Investigator for a number of acute studies being conducted. The commitment of study and support personnel throughout the early years, forged ongoing research relationships and credibility with study sponsors, facilitating ongoing growth and development for future cardiovascular research studies.

Joondalup Cardiovascular Trials Foundation Inc. (JCTF) was formed as an independent not for profit clinical research organisation in October 2007.

With the expansion of the research office, the name of Cardiovascular Trials Western Australia (CTWA) was registered to reflect the growth of the organisation outside of the Joondalup area.



Participation in international research projects has enabled the CTWA to evolve and be considered by major industry sponsors to participate in clinical trials offering best practice and state of the art patient care for the local community.

The research foundation consistently demonstrates the ability to recruit patients within anticipated timelines, conduct the trials with accuracy and timeliness and adhere to all aspects of Good Clinical Research Practice per the International Conference on Harmonisation Guidelines.

CTWA research personnel have established professional credibility with the necessary skills and expertise that facilitate the conduct of international cardiovascular clinical trials.

The foundation aims to participate in innovative clinical research that successfully translates into best clinical practice benefiting the local community. The establishment of relationships with other research and academic institutions ensures continual growth and diversity for the foundation.

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